Ginny Magers

Stimulating the economy a yardsale at a time…

Posted on: July 13, 2010

After a break in the 90 degree heat and rain, rain and more rain forecasts…partner in crime and I threw together a last-minute garage sale on day off-a Friday no less. With little advertising (signs and that free listing site) we managed to pull in $50 or so on odds and ends-no big ticket items left this go around. Goal was to clear closet/garage space, which we did. Some items that were left over that did not fit in our alloted space was donated to a small thrift store. A few items will be carted to sister’s sale in a different part of the city-so new sets of eyes. Our mid-summer cash went to 1) a tank of gas (just before it jumped by 15 cents) 2) a $5 buffet of Chinese, Italian, and salad bar dinner. The rest probably went for groceries. So we stretched our paychecks even more..and spent some cash in the neighborhood. Plus, the extra room in closet is welcome. Sunday we treated ourselves to the 7-11 free Slurpee or whatever those frozen drinks are called. They make us feel like a kid again…


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